The Doubt House

LOUDHOUSE is a story about a group of friends living together and selling marijuana out of their garage. They begin to stock and experiment with psychedelics, leading to a slew of distorted interpersonal conflicts.

The album SUICIDE, a guided ego dissolution and reconstruction experience, is the result of the experiences of LOUDHOUSE.

This project deals with a few major themes, including:

  • Traumatic and transcendent psychedelic experiences
  • Mental illness, cultural and personal, especially schizophrenia and sociopathy
  • Healing from abuse and changing behavior patterns
  • Pragmatic utlity of spiritual practice through rational perspective
  • Magic mushrooms, Cannabis, LSD, MDMA, DMT, and Alcohol
  • Shamanism, general magick, ritual, protection
  • Symbols, archetypes, psychology of the unconscious and a unified psychedelic paradigm
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